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Lansare website Curat.com.ro

E gata! Website-ul nostru de prezentare este acum online. La www.Curat.com.ro puteți vedea toate informațiile relevante despre noi și serviciile de curățenie oferite.

Website-ul a fost realizat cu tehnologie de ultimă oră, este mobile friendly și ușor de utilizat. Interfața sa, ca design grafic și ca utilizabilitate, corespunde celor mai exigente cerințe și standarde web din 2019.

Ușor de utilizat, intuitiv și mobile-friendly

Start up money or a decent amount of savings will get you started in the house cleaning business. Realistically, you will need six months of savings. If you need work now and you are unemployed.

However, you may plan to hire crews for larger jobs instead of doing the cleaning yourself, simply be the owner and manager. In that case, you need start up funds as well as a savings account big enough to float you while you get established. It will cost between $500 and $1,000 to launch a medium-sized cleaning service that can accommodate homes.

Many people go into house cleaning because they figure that they are super good at it. They think, “I do such a good job on my own home!”

Working as a house cleaner and sprucing up your own house are not remotely the same thing. Cleaning your own home only takes time, energy and your choice of supplies. In contrast, professional cleaners are required to expertly handle responsibilities ranging from client relations, time constraints, unusual work circumstances, travel to and from each job, business stress, children, pets, neighbours, and so on. If you are a good house cleaner to begin with, that’s fabulous. But it’s only one part of the equation.